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In The News

Police Training

  • After Uvalde, Texas State Police Revise Training for Mass Shootings
    New York Times - September 2022 [Read Article]

School Safety/School Shootings

  • Devastated Uvalde families demand answers on police response
    PBS - May 2022 [View Video]

  • Texas School Shooting
    CNN with Don Lemon - 2022 [View Video]

New Technology

  • Active shooter? Responders can now view live video of scene through a 911 caller's phone - October 2021  [Read Article]

Health Facility Security

  • Northwell Health adds metal detectors to hospitals in Long Island, NYC Local News - August 2022  [Read Article]

Public Safety

  • Seoul police were not equipped to handle huge Halloween crowd, as officers were ‘diverted elsewhere’ - October 2022 [Read Article]

  • Gun kits will be required to have serial numbers under new Biden order to ban 'ghost guns' News12 NJ - August  2022  [Read Article]

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