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Security + Safety Assessments


The first step in improving security and safety is evaluating your current procedures, systems and facilities.

Group 77 is experienced in conducting all types of security and safety-related assessments: 


Vulnerability, Threat & Risk Assessments

Incorporating industry standards and best practices such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, our team identifies potential threats that your company faces, what the risk is of such an event occurring and assisting you in reducing your company’s vulnerabilities. and, while being sensitive to the specific challenges associated with you company and your budget.  Group 77 has experience in open-access environments for large crowd gatherings, sporting events, critical infrastructure and sensitive locations throughout the New York/New Jersey area. 


Security Assessments

Depending on your needs, our assessment can be focused on your company’s security program and may include a review of employee safety and security processes, travel risk management, compliance audits based on security mandates required by your industry and a thorough review of your security policy and procedural documents in relation to best practices and industry standards.  Our Security Assessments can include a review of your guard force, security camera system, access control, mass notification and other security technology and services.


Business Impact Analysis

To properly prepare for unwanted events your business needs to know what threats it faces and what the impact of that threat occurring will have on your business.  Group 77 can provide your company with the tools it needs to prevent unwanted events from happening, but if such an event occurs we will assist you in mitigating the effects of such an emergency and they recovering as quickly as possible.


School Security Assessments

Group 77 members include military veterans and law enforcement personnel with extensive operational, command and policy development experience and possess experience and training in security school safety, active shooter preparation and response, personal defense and physical and technological security measure.  Our members include personnel from SWAT Teams, Bomb Squads and School Resource Officers in addition to, school security professionals, school teachers and administrators, physical security specialists, and emergency medical personnel trained in trauma with focused expertise in pediatric critical care. 


Group 77 will identify your specific needs by conducting assessments of current security programs, emergency operations plans and facilities.  We provide consultation, training, school safety program management and policy development services that is site-specific and focused on the students and staff.  Group 77 offers project management services in identifying, purchasing, installing and deploying security technologies and product.  We have experience in developing Requests for Qualifications (RFQ’s) and Requests for Proposal (RFP’s) for services such as guard services, security camera system and access control system design, installation and maintenance as well as other physical security measures.We are committed to the safety of the students, faculty and staff.

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