Providing consulting services and training in security
and public safety


Founded in 2009 by Brian Higgins, former Chief of the Bergen County Police and Bergen County Director of Public Safety, Group 77 is a skilled team of security and public safety professionals.  Since its inception, Group 77 has grown through our reputation and in 2019 Group 77 acquired STA-Precision, a consulting firm founded by the commanding officers of a bomb squad and SWAT Team.  The merger provides a more expansive pool of experienced law enforcement, military, and professional security personnel, from the practitioner to executive level. It also expands our training services.  Our trainers develop and deliver customized training programs based on each client’s unique needs, size, and operations. 

An Elite Team
Our team members possess extensive knowledge and experience in security management, public safety administration, physical security, infrastructure protection, safety, emergency practices and response, tactics, as well as asset protection and recovery.


Our group of consultants also includes:



Our 360 Approach

At Group 77, we believe in a holistic approach, offering tailored services to assist clients in developing their public safety and security programs and training. We understand that each location is unique in design, location, staff, and the communities they serve.  We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach is not the way to address safety and security. When Group 77 partners with a client, we create a unique team of experts with the skills that are most appropriate for their needs and their facility.

Certified Protection Professional, CPP
Certified Sport Security Professional, CSSP