Due to worldwide events in the last decade “security” has escalated from an issue of concern for the elite, to a priority for every individual and organization.  Vigilance has increased and so has the need for security practitioners to handle a wide of variety challenges. 

An Elite Team

Founded in 2009 by former police chief Brian Higgins, Group 77 is a skilled team of security professionals. Our team of experienced law enforcement, military and professional security personnel, includes former members of special units such as Emergency Services, SWAT Teams and Counter-Terrorism Units from all ranks of service -- practitioner to command level.


Our team members possess extensive knowledge and experience in security management, public safety administration, physical security, infrastructure protection, safety, emergency practices and response, tactics, as well as asset protection and recovery.


Certified & Prepared to Serve

Group 77 consultants possess internationally recognized certifications and licenses including Certified Protection Professionals (CPP’s) by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International. In addition, we have members who have been designated as Crime Prevention Specialists by several organizations, including the New York City Police Department. In addition to their vast knowledge and experience, all of our team members have post-graduate degrees in related fields.  


Our professionals have demonstrated competency in a large variety of security solutions, including loss prevention, bomb threat mitigation, access control, closed circuit television, protective lighting, protective barriers, emergency planning and security best business practices, through an intensive qualification and testing program.

NYC, NJ metro area


Group 77 Founder:
Brian Higgins, CPP, CSSP 

As former police chief in Bergen County, New Jersey, Higgins has a strong understanding of not only security and safety, but also emergency readiness, business continuity and disaster recovery.


  • Over 30 years of combined military and civilian law enforcement experience, serving in the National Guard, as Chief of the Bergen County Police Department and as the Bergen County Director of Public Safety

  • Experience overseeing eight divisions, including the County Police, the Fire Marshall’s Office and the County Office of Emergency Management, responsible for all emergency plans, management of major incidents, as well as policy setting and distribution of Homeland Security Funding for all 70 municipalities, serving a population of nearly one million residents.

  • Worked closely with federal and state governments on antiterrorism programs and initiatives and has experience in policy direction, strategic planning, training, research and development and emerging technologies.

  • Has worked as a key security consultant for Fortune 500 companies, college/university campuses,  

  • Director of the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute and was certified instructor, by the NJ Police Training Commission, he has been a guest lecturer for numerous organizations

  • One of the first experts for Robolliance, a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous Robotics marketplace. 

  • Expert for Sharp Electronics development on their robotics for public safety.


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